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Anhasce Tsnvatsner

The main hero, who fell in the war,has not been able to see his triplet, which was born before the death of his wife from the hands of enemies.

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Patvic Aravel

Human’s life can change in an instant and he can lose everything, left alone with his past and future. Murad's childhood ceased at the moment when his father was sentenced to death.

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Full Yere1

Full Yere1 is an Armenian TV series aired by Armenia TV.

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Fake Mama

Fake Mama is an Armenian TV series aired by Armenia TV.

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Depi Chambar

Դեպի Ճամբար

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The Azizyans sitcom is starred by Hayk Marutyan. He embodies the character of Garnik Azizyan – a clothes store seller, who is the only one working in the family. Mrs. Azizyan is lazy enough to perform the duties of a housewife.

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Debedi Gaghtniqy

The events of the TV series develop in the village of Debed of Lori region, where Araks was born and lived 25 years of her life. Araks life changes drastically after marriage - violence, abuse and rudeness in her husband's family.

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Full House

After the wedding, Mushegh became an oligarch, bought a large mansion and waited for the birth of his son, without even imagining that after the birth of their first-born, a big coup awaits them.

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Metsic Poqr

Starring Mkrtich Arzumanyan and Alexander Arzumanyan. The hero of the sitcom is a 12 year old boy, Alex, who lives with his mother. Alex is passionate about rock music and doesn't get along with his peers.

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Voske Dproc

Robert Tovmasyan is a young 30-year-old guy. Due to financial problems, in the age of 25 years, he robbed the house of corrupt chief of the customs house.

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Tezh Khohanoc

Tej Xohanoc is an Armenian TV show aired by Armenia TV.

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Ergir te karogh es

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Nane will air in a new format, trying to uncover the secret of women's health and beauty, the harmony of body and soul. A woman is beautiful when she is in harmony with herself.

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Ashxarhi Hamerov

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Hami Uzhy

This is a very interesting project in the format of gastro-travel, the author of which - Nazeni Hovhannisyan, intends to collect Armenian tastes. She travels not only to different regions of Armenia, but also around the world, and collects different taste.

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Yeghir Patrast

The program consists of several sections, tricks to defend yourself in different situations, well-known guests who learn different tricks, practical tips that will help you in a variety of situations.

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Inch? Vortegh? Erb?

Every season includes 8 games: 5 competitions, 2 non-competitions, 1 final. Later the best representative of the group either (scholar or TV viewer) gets the "Marble Eagle".

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I Like It

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The new humorous TV program which is a compilation of different sketches. The main roles are played by Vache, Vahe, Boni and Mher. The rest of the roles are played by different actors, most of which are known to viewers from the sitcom "Golden School".

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New School Comedy

New School Comedy is a humorous show that is known for its Stand Up genre. New School Comedy is a collection of different comic headings, which are presented both in the form of theatrical productions, directly for the audience, and in video clips.

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Prescription: TV program where you will find answer to any question about your health. Doctor Stepan Atoyan with his guests will diagnose your illness and will suggest your own prescription.

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Mahvan Jokaty

A detachment of former military is sent to a place that, according to a preliminary version, is captured by a terrorist. Detachment tasked to neutralize the terrorists. It seems, nothing complicated, and the mission is possible.

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Avaze Dghyak

Since the time of youth Marat and Rafael were enemies. Each of them wanted to be one step ahead and, of course, to achieve Anna's love. Rafael and Anna had to get married when she found out that another woman was pregnant by her fiancé.

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Nran Hatik

Life is love, and love is life, and the two, which are born in this truth, scream about their pure love and make their future, but unfortunately life has prepared more unpredictable and cruel way for them.

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Es Tesnum Em

This is a story about the clairvoyant girl Marie, who lost her father during the earthquake, later she lost her mother. Her gift Marie inherited from her father.

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Tunavor Ser

One of the mysterious nights in the city of Dilijan becomes fatal for students of the medical university. During a student party, Goga confesses his feelings to Mary, who lives in modest conditions with her mother who is a teacher and her father-soldier.

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Sev Hanqer

A group of geologists discovered large gold reserves in one of the border villages of Armenia. This news is reported to a wealthy businessman who starts mining gold in this village.However, the villagers are protesting.

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Verjin Gortsarq

The best masterpiece of the year, the diamond necklace, made by a jeweler, was estimated at about three million dollars. The necklace must be demonstrated at an exhibition in the United Arab Emirates.

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Corruption is an Armenian TV series aired by Armenia TV.

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Change Sitcom

In 24 episodes of sitcom “Change” Hovanes Azoyan plays 2 parts. First is a criminal authority, the other is an unsuccessful actor. Sitcom hinges on the main deal- “to change”. The honest actor gets the most important and difficult part of his life.

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Prkeq Mer Hoginery

Mystical drama, consisting of 25 parts. The hero of the film is a Syrian-Armenian young man who loses everything, during the Syrian war, his beloved girlfriend, relatives and friends, his father's house, property and his health.

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A rapidly growing plot and unexpected solutions, the hero of the film, consisting of 24 parts, is trying to return to life after four years of imprisonment, but troubles are facing him everywhere.

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Depi Yerazanq

The loss of a mother, the departure of a desperate father to foreign lands and her big dream led young Nare to the big city. But the path to the dream is very hard, often stony, dusty, thorny.

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Miliony Takardum

In this TV series, you’ll find such dynamic events with intricate intrigues and fatal twists, love and treachery, escape from reality and unexpected appearance, new generation’s wrong perception of freedom.

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Depi Vayrejq

A film consisting of 25 parts, which will unveil all the roads to the white slavery. Our heroes - 5 people, airplane crew, who almost always flew together during 3 years: Sos, Sara, Sona, Avet and Vika. Sos and Sara are spouses.

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Yeghnikneri Katsan

The film is based on real events; all the characters and future developments are invented. The events of the television film refer to the previous two years and the main military actions of the April four day war in 2016.

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Gnvats Yerjankutyun

Millioner Armen thinks that he can get everything with his money. This time his prey is Serine- a girl from a poor family. Armen ruins Serine’s life but his brother Hayk saves her. But it’s not the end. Mona’s destiny is in her parents hands.

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The main character of film Kristis a reach and successful businessmen. He is already tired of celebrating New Year every time same the way. He wants something different than previous years.

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Hin Arqaner

Ancient Kings TV series is a feature, historical overview of dramatic developments in pre-Christian Armenia- Greater Armenia. Described events take place B.C. when Tigran 2nd Artasheyan was enthroned, who later becomes King of Kings Tigran the Great.

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The adventure sitcom about Mika, Norik and Garik has reached a crucial final stage. Mika and Nara had an ideal relationship. They planned to have a family, Mika had to get 100,000 Dollars, and they would live happily until death parts them.

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Mench Challenge

Within the "Mench Challenge" project, host Armen Petrosyan visits famous Armenians living in Los Angeles, where in an informal setting he shows viewers their place of residence and everyday life.

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Yerekoyan Azoyan

An Evening show, which brings together two well-known persons. The conversation is conducted in a non-standard interview style. Guests will play humorous, intriguing games and will participate in competitions that vary by their courage.

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3 Off

"3 / OFF" is an entertainment show-program. It consists of 5 rounds and a super game, in which the team, that won as a result of 5 rounds, takes part. Tours have a time limit.

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Stand Up

The immediacy of the most sincere genre of the comedy sphere is due primarily to the fact that the stand-comedian is in the direct contact with the audience during the whole performance, he talks to them, shares his thoughts.

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