On November 29, 1956 our mutual dream came true through the beautiful voice of the host Nara Shlepchyan: Public, that is, our and your, Television started broadcasting; the event eagerly anticipated by all of us had taken place.

Verjin Usucichy

The TV series is based on the novella of the same name by Vardges Petrosyan. The events of the novella, taking place in the Soviet Armenia, have been translated into the modern life.

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“News” is the main news program of the First Channel, focusing on most important, urgent and interesting events.

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The TV series covers the activities of the RA Armed Forces, army daily life, problems of the RA Ministry of Defense, and challenges of service on the Azeri-Armenian frontier.

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Barev Ergir

It is known that people have to do three things in life: to build a house, to plant a tree and to raise a child. However, Armenians have to do more: to see Ani and to stay alive; to catch tarek in the Lake Van; to swim to Akhtamar and much more.

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Du Gites

New intellectual program with Avet Barseghyan every Saturday on the First Channel.

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Qo Sporty

The Public Television of Armenia presents a new project aimed to encourage interest towards sport and healthy lifestyle, to present the diversity of sport and to help the viewers to train correctly and without damaging their health.

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Kaprenq Ktesnenq

For four days a week, several interesting questions will have answers from new points of view on the First Channel.

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Veradardz Depi Apaga

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Kesgishern Anc

The unlikely combination of TV hosts Artur Bakhtamyan and Hermine Stepanyan will try to travel along the brightest and the hardest routes of the guests' lives, will go on journey in the corridors of their achievements, fears, childhood and imagination.

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Koghq Koghqi

In this program, the First Channel tells about the various nationalities living in Armenia, painting a complete image of their life and activity. It tells about the characteristics of various national communities of Armenia.

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Ktor my Hayastan

The program tells about the people, who create, maintain and cherish their piece of Armenia in any corner of the world. Known and unknown guests, as well as foreigners, who have tied their lives to Armenia.

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Khaghi Kanonner

Debate give birth and uncover the truth. The TV viewers are entitled to see the naked truth. There is only one rule in “Rules of the Game”: all the parties will have the chance to express their opinions and leave the judgement to the viewers.

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Patrastenq Miasin

Program author Sargis Mkrtchyan sees the kitchen as a journey, which can be both remote and unknown, too short and familiar, yet always unique and inspiring like any dish created as a fun-filled adventure.

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Hanrayin Qnnarkum

Public Discussion with Petros Ghazaryan.

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The TV program is dedicated to the Artsakh liberation war and its heroes. “The Devotees” centers on many people, who have shaped our victory – beginning from soldiers up to generals.

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Erg Ergoc

The TV series focuses on the Armenian song – from medieval canticles to bard songs of the late 1980s. Each issue is dedicated to prominent Armenian composers and their art.

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The series aims to explore still unknown or obscure events, to reveal new facts and to investigate archive materials in a different interpretation and from another point of view.

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Lav Yereko

The project is in the late-night show format, famous and popular in the whole world. Within the framework of the program, the hosts receive people known in Armenia and in the world and discuss the noteworthy and important events occurred during the week.

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Sport Giloyani Het

Karen Giloyan’s program talks about the most urgent and important subjects of Armenian sport every week. The program will focus on the most discussed subject of the week, which will be clarified by competent guests.

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Hayastani Champeqov

The TV series is created in accordance with the canons of a teletravel and is aimed at popularization of historical and architectural monuments, cultural heritage, and activities of the distinguished people of Armenia.

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Otar Amayi Champeqi Vra

The TV series plays a role of a special guide who leads a viewer over various countries and cities of the world as if holding him/her by the hand.

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Erazhshtakan Postarkgh

This is the most long-lived musical program of the First Channel, which takes TV viewers up to the 1970s.

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Yete Bolory

The project aims to change the public attitude to the families and children living among us, yet being outsiders. Each of the series presents a single child’s destiny. A child who needs our help, and whose life can be rescued.

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Spasir Indz

A large-scale TV project, which through special means allows the viewers to connect to human fates and stories. The real drama and subtle lyricism of the program ensures its unprecedented success.

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Yekeq Haskananq

The unchanged couple of hosts Aelita Chilingaryan and Sona Abrahamyan will start the new season in a modernized pavilion, with the known format and with new subjects. There are no taboos and closed subjects, the only limit is time.

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The TV series is dedicated to our overseas compatriots who have succeeded in business or cultural area.

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Zhirayr Glenc

Zhirair Glents has spent sixteen years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He came out to buy medicine for his son and was arrested. Now he returns to his new house, where everything is strange to him. His wife didn’t have it easy.

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Shahmari Areghtsvatsy

Director Artyom Hartyunyan’s new series is based on the short novel by Mkrtich Sargsyan.

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Starring Khoren Levonyan, Sos Janibekyan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Rafael Kotanjyan, Shake Tukhmakhyan, Stepan Ghambaryan and Anna Yegoyan. The TV series is based on Shirvanzade’s novel “Chaos”.

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Tsghridi Ergy

The TV series is based on Grigor Balasanyan’s novel “The Cricket Sings under the Window”.

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The 32-episode telenovela is based on the novel “Cherry Tree” by classic Soviet writer Shahen Tatikyan, published in 1980.

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Poghoci Shner

The heroes of this 16-part criminal drama are people with hard lives. They go through complicated situations, having to make fateful choices man times. Starring Khoren Levonyan and Khoren Abrahamyan.

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Handipman Vayr

The friendship of three boys grown in a Yerevanian building continues years later. During Artsakh War, the trio becomes a quartet, including Russian Andrey in the group. The story is about incorruptible friendship, love, loyalty and honor.

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A comedy about the relationship between a father and a daughter, who start working under the same roof.

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Chakatagri Pataskhan

“Destiny’s Answer” is about young Armenian scientist Levon, who has had great success in Europe, considers himself a successful person and does not imagine his life in Armenia.

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Tandem situation comedy is a story about two childhood friends. One of them returns to Armenia to live with his friend after living for years in the US, but he cannot adapt to the Armenian reality.

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Bacir Achqerd

The TV series tells the story of a family that is going to leave for the United States for good. The grandfather, who is a participant of the Artsakh War, refuses to leave.

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Hosanqin Hakarak

Against the Flow, a series that promises the audience an intense script, a brilliant cast and dramatic developments to find out who will go against the flow for principles and the common good.

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Amusnacatsneri Liga

The sitcom tells about the everyday life and problems of three married couples. The protagonists are very different, but they are united by married life.

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Hatuk Bazhin

Similar to the first season, the second one continues featuring the busy work routine of special criminology department professionals, accompanied by noisy and interesting revelations.

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Film series dedicated to Armenian studies, which discusses what makes us different.

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Avet Barseghyan will find out who is on top of the class in Armenian show business. Two teams will face each other during the program. Schoolchildren will occupy the school seats. Each team will include two schoolchildren and one famous person.

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Hay Aspet

“Armenian Knight” is a TV competition, the main goal of which is intellectual education of the new generation considered as a factor of national security.

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The objective of the film is to present to the public the unknown pages of the history of our city, the historical and cultural heritage, the issues and worthy people.

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The program reveals the details, features, success secrets, complex and creative ways of various professions and hobbies. The program will show the viewers whether we choose the profession or the profession chooses us.

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Arajin Gits

The new program of the Public TV aims to show the internal structure of the Army. Filming predominately takes place on the frontline, on the border and on the line of contact.

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Hatuk Jokat

The First Channel and the RA Ministry of Defense present the reality show Special Unit. The program aims to inform about military life and the Armenian Army.

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Road is a documentary, adventure and journey film series. The program’s goal is to tell about Armenia, picturesque Armenian sights, traditions and history in the simplest and most natural way, without any historical or informational obligation.

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Hayastan Jan

Armenia Jan TV project is an intellectual show where two teams compete. Each triple of participants tries to answer as much questions as possible. The points earned by correct answers determine the winner.

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Siro Banadzev

To claim you know your spouse by 100 percent is bold, but risky. In Love Formula, the famous couples we know and love try to find out how well they know each other.

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Kyanqy Sahmanin

Life on Border film series tells about Armenian settlements bordering with Azerbaijan. These are the settlements, where gunshots started with war, but did not stop with it.

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