Shant TV

Eleni Oragir

The plot of the TV series “Elen’s Diary” develops around four young people – Elen, Max, Levon and Sara. They study at the same school, but Elen and Levon are newcomers.

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“The Abandoned” are coming back, but this time they find themselves in completely new, fresh, more ridiculous and interesting situations. Reveal the old characters in a new way…

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Qez Het u Aranc Qez

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Humori Liga

Groups of talented comedians performing on the stage in front of audience and judges to advance to the next stage.

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Buzh Info

“Med Info” is a medical program on SHANT TV during which the viewer gets new information about different diseases and their treatment, reveals the rules of a healthy lifestyle, and learns to prepare delicious food which is also healthy.

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Sport Club

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Womens Club

Women’s Club is a tv show at Shant TV.

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Ashkharhi Hayer

“Armenians of the World” is a program on SHANT TV that aims to introduce the great achievements of our compatriots living abroad who have contributed to the development of Armenia and the Armenian world.

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Mamayi Epatsn Urish e

This is a show with a friendly and funny mood, in which mothers and their children show their most interesting traits. They must also be ready for the criticism of the rival team.

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Qart Blansh

Everyone is after missing archive of Aris Arnautyan. CIA, Armenian PD and others. CIA sends to Armenia its own agent Daniel to locate and bring the Archive back.

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Ayrvats Anurjner

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Three students and friends Garik, Goqor and Hrach have rented the same apartment. Garik and Hrach are from the regions. Goqor’s parents live in Moscow; his father is a businessman. Apart from studying at the Conservatory Hrach studies at a dance school.

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The characters of the television movie “On the Border” are soldiers and officers of the Armenian army who protect the borders of the country.

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The film is a story unfolding around the love triangle of the three characters in which the heroes will have to fight for happiness, understanding that nothing is given without a fight.

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Mets Poqrikner

Little Big Shots is a tv show at Shant TV.

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Kaskatseli Yereko

Queer Evening” is a humorous entertaining program on SHANT TV hosted by boys from “Vitamin Club”. With their ridiculous true or false stories the guests of the program boost the mood of the viewer.

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